KABANERI OF THE IRON FORTRESS episode 8 Biba turns out to be…

This is a scene and impression post of KABANERI OF THE IRON FORTRESS episode 8. Unfortunately and as almost everyone expected, Biba turns out to be not a pure hero.

Scenes of and Impressions to episode 8 of KABANERI

Mumei “There’s another KABANERI besides me on the Koutetsujyo.He said he did the surgery himself.”

Biba “So you’re the Kotetsujyo’s Kabaneri.I’m…”
Ikoma “I know. You are the one who taught Mumei that the weak are expected to die.”

Biba “I have already been disowned.Oh,there is a steam leak.”
Ikoma “I will help you.”
Biba ” I appreciate you.”

Uryu”This is no place for a princess .I will take your sword.”
Kurusu”We have been by your lord,I have no reason to hand over my sword.”
Uryu”I was not going to need it for long.”
Kurusu”What is the meaning of this!?”
Uryu”Calm down, is not what you think”

Biba”The strong survive and the weak die.Do you not believe that this is how the world works? “
Ikoma”I can not agree if you are saying that the weak do not have the right to live. “
Biba”I can appreciate that sentiment.But i am not talking about casting anyone away.I am talking about saving them.Mumei saved herself by choosing to fight”
Ikoma”What do you mean?”


“Look at those numbers.”
“Can we really stop all of them.”
“The Karikatasyu will take care of the Kabane.I am sure Liberator himself will join the battle.And when he does…”

Biba”I see.Then I shell see you out on the battlefield.”
Biba”So they have come.What are their numbers?”
Uryu”There is danger of a hybrid colony here.Fifteen minutes is all we need”
Biba”Just enough for one canister.We will deploy with light arms. After you slow them with cannon fire,we will clean them up.Forge by fire,prove in combat!”


Biba”Fire the incendiary bomb!”


Ikoma”That is right,if you are going to defeat the Kabane.”
“A stray Kabaneri?My guess would be that he has a high pain threshold.”

“Take care of everyone”

Mumei”Brother, let me!”
BIba”Okay,take care of it,Mumei.Horobi,give her a hand.”

Enoku”You do not know just how many people are after your life.I am here after having met some of them face-to-face.”
Biba”I see”
Enoku”All you must do is ask it of me.Give me the order here,and I shall do as you bid.”
BIba”I have no need of you.Be gone.”
Enoku”Is that your answer”

Enoku”He–Help me!
BIba”You lied to me.You already decided you would betray me.”

Biba”Then why are you so upset over a man you barely know?”
Ikoma”Because he was asking for help!”
Takumi”Stop it,you idiot!Biba-sama was the one in danger.I am sorry.I promise I will talk to him.”
Ayame”I would also like to offer my apologies.”

“Please come with me.”

Biba”If you would like,we could accompany your Kotetujyo to Kongokaku”

Ayame”Did I make the right decision?”
Takumi”So,what is bothering you so much?”
Ikoma”He taught Mumei that the weak are expected to die”
Takumi”He is not exactly wrong.”

Biba”Fight.if you want to live,you will have to save yourself.”
Biba”Your mother would have lived if she were not weak.Live on your own.Do rely on others.

Biba”Are you afraid?”
Mumei”No,I am fine.
Biba”You are strong,Mumei.Perhaps I could ask you to do one thing for me then”

Biba”Get the Koutetsujyo master key for me”
Mumei”But Ayame-san was master key”
Biba”Is this Ayame-san stronger than you,Mumei?
Mumei”No.She is not,but…”
Biba”Then there should not be an issue”

BIba”I only have one thing to ask you.Who left us on that battlefield 10 years ago to die at the hands of the Kabane?”
“Stop! Do not lay a hand on Hirotsuka-sama.”
Biba”Would you like a new hole in your head as well”

Mumei”Give me the Kotetujyo master key.”
Ayame”Are you going to use it?Or didi someone ask you to get it for them?

Mumei”You won’t be able to beat me Ayame-san”
Yukina”I have the master key here.I was using it for some coupling work I was doing”
Mumei”Thank you”

Biba”This key is to the boiler room”
Mumei”That can not be”
Biba”Unfortunately,it seems that they do not trust us yet”

“The Kabaneri man is at the freight car.
Biba”If he forces his way in here,we will have to kill him”

Mumei”Why are you here?”
Ayame”Let is trust him”
Ikoma”Biba is hiding a horde of Kabane on the Kokujyo”
Mumei”You mean the Tsutsugamidokoro?”
Ikoma”Did they use that technology to turn you into a Kabaneri?”

Mumei”It because he told me not to weak like my mother “
Ikoma”You should not be in a place like this!”
Mumei”You do not know anything about my brother!So watch what you say!”

Mumei”Trying to protect yourself is not being a coward.There will not be any more reason to be sad if we all just become strong “

Ikoma”Biba…He is no hero.I saw him.He was smiling.

Impressions to the entire episode 8 of KABANERI